Fresh Start Kits!

Fresh Start Kits!

Don't get us wrong... we LOVE the holidays! But we don't necessarily love the way we eat during them and we most definitely do not like the way we feel afterwards! A Fresh Start Kit is a great way to get back into a healthy routine without having to do much work yourself. How does it work?

Our Fresh Start Kits include the following:

3 x Energy Balls

4 x Fresh Juices

1 x Large Salad 

1 x Detox from Three6Tea

1 x Yoga Class at Glow Fitness for Woman  (pre-registration required)

1 x Entry into our Fresh Start Wellness Prize (sponsored by Glow Fitness, Three6Tea, Total Look & Just Bead It)

1 Day Commitment - $30

2 Day Commitment -  $58

3 Day Commitment - $82